Lambing news!

Firstly sorry for not blogging sooner, but it has all been a bit mad here at Willow Farm. Mad but good…. I know some of you worry when I don’t blog that things are a bit difficult … well ok so we are a bit tired but we are having a stonking lambing.


This set of twins … yes they are siblings, are a week old.. and one is half the size of the other, I call her Mini. It was touch and go when she was first born.. but now she thinks she is as big as the others and charges around with the lamb gang!

And the triplets continue to thrive 🙂

and here is a new born lamb receiving some mothering !

So it is 10 pm and Kate is asleep and I wont be far behind her… I am getting up at 1 ish to check on the lambs and ewes and Kate is up at 5 to make more sausages for me to sell at the Jinny Ring. Of course the shop is open tomorrow and if you drive up the lane you will see our 43 lambs frolicking in the field and who knows maybe one or two more. Although we have lambed 27 ewes so far and only 3 more to go….. then we can relax a little!

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