Pig farrowing !

So we were expecting piglets …. Sapphy our first ever piglet born here at Willow farm was due and we were watching her closely.


Yesterday tea time Kate informed me that her milk had come in so …. we were extra vigilant and I went to have a look before heading to bed at 8.30.

Sapphy had other plans for us and had already popped out one!

Here is a film of number 3 emerging 🙂 With Kate and I coaxing her on.

So very wet and slippery 🙂 We dried her off and put her to one side whilst Sapphy continued and continued.

At midnight we went to bed as having had 9 piglets she was starting to deliver the afterbirth.
Only one had needed pulling out and they were all cute as anything.
So this morning before heading off to work I went to check on them and found …..


12 beautiful piglets feeding from Mum.


She is one very proud pig.



And this evening they are slightly more active.




but tiny compared to Mum!


All in all a good 24 hours work 🙂

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