Droitwich Food Festival Best Sausage Winners 2014

june 2014 005

This month so far has been operation Droitwich Food Festival sausage prep. We entered our traditional sausage into the competition and much to our joy and delight …… WE WON !! We are so proud of our pork and lamb, mutton , hoggett and eggs that we produce but this award confirmed to us that we are doing something a bit special 🙂

So Saturday was a wonderful day and a major triumph, made so by all the help and support we got from our friends who helped out in so many ways with making the day a roaring success.

june 2014 002

We were awarded the trophy at 10.00 am having had the results announced on Radio Hereford and Worcester at 8.15am. I heard the result as I was driving back to the farm to pick up some extra things…. we had started setting up for the day at 6.30am. When I heard the announcement, even though I knew we had won … well I just wanted to cry.. it was so emotional and means so much to us both. We have worked so hard over the past few years and it has been quite tough at times.

Kate was interviewed by Radio Hereford and Worcester

june 2014 023

june 2014 017

june 2014 013

I spent much of the day feeling proud 🙂

Our friends who pitched in were amazing and the stall looked great and was buzzing.

june 2014 029

june 2014 027

june 2014 032

James our friend Sue’s grandson was brilliant and we hope he will be making regular appearances at the farm and Daniel was an absolute star and got to grips with serving the customers.

june 2014 008
assisted by his Mum, Emma.
june 2014 010

Many of our regular customers called by to congratulate us and we made new friends too.

june 2014 034

We had hidden stars that day too…… Dianna our friend and neighbour manned our stall at the Jinney Ring Craft Centre and Karen served all day in the Farm Shop and of course Derek… Dianna’s husband was our man with our van, who delivered fresh stock to us throughout the day 🙂

Veronica came down from Derbyshire to help and only had 3 hours sleep Friday night as we put her to work helping to make the sausages ……. Kate had 45 minutes sleep!!!

Glyn and Sue helped out by project managing the stall, leaving Kate and I to make the product and not worry about whether we would have any knives or bags or indeed tables. Glyn was also a trooper on the day…. going above and beyond!

What is even more amazing is that several of our friends are now offering to help out next Saturday when we are at the Jinney Ring Craft Centre where we are selling our wares at the Folk and Craft weekend! We are very blessed.

2 thoughts on “Droitwich Food Festival Best Sausage Winners 2014

  1. Lynda Peachey

    I love the photos, I love the LBP logo, signage and banners. I love that you make the best traditional sausages 🙂 eeeeeeeeeeeeeeee

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