The Jinney Ring Craft Centre Craft and Folk Weekend

What a great weekend we have had again !!!

This weekend we took our gazebo to the Jinney Ring Craft Centre where we usually can be found at the weekend selling our wares…. but this weekend was different… we were in the garden and there was a Folk and Craft weekend on.

So this weekends trusted helpers were Dianna and Derek our friends from up the lane and our friend Glyn from over the roundabout. To be quite honest I thought that after last weekend ( the Food Festival) that no one would want to come out to play …. but they did!
june 14 009

And on Saturday despite the thunder and lightening and rain we had a good day.

june 14 013

On Sunday the plan had been that Kate and I have a day out together and manage the stall and bbq together.
However as we were en route we received a call from Glyn asking if we wanted any help ….. did we ever ! So on Sunday Glyn and James spared us from being totally cream crackered and gave Kate the chance to mingle!

june 14 001

We had a little challenge between the bbq and the sausage and veg counter…. ie James and Kate v Glyn and me and I am proud to announce that the BBQ team won although I think yesterday in a more gracious manner we did not gloat too much… We did help each other side out and Glyn did some major leaflet and taster runs, bringing customers scurrying to the stall.

june 14 003

The music was great and the ciders were very lovely.

june 14 009

june 14 011

We ran out of rolls so resorted to sausages on sticks as demonstrated here 🙂 Buy 5 get one free!!!

june 14 013

And what is lovelier is the fact that today I am not involved in gazebo taking down as I am officially on holiday until next Saturday morning when I am off to the Jinney Ring again.

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