Busy, busy, busy …. and Pigfest too :-)

Can you believe it is near enough 4 weeks since my last blog and it feels like this is the first chance I have had to sit down and tell you all our latest adventures.

So where to begin……
Ok so we won the Droitwich Food Festival Best Sausage award and we have been making and selling out of sausages ever since!!!! The other morning I made 60lb of sausage before going up to the Jinney Ring Craft centre to sell them and sold out!!! Bacon is flying out almost faster than we can cure it and as to our Faggots…. well let me just say I did not have any left to sell this weekend as Kate had sold them all in the Farm shop!

I had a short trip to London to a posh do to do with my other job (Nursing). It was an award ceremony and I needed something smart to wear so Kate and I spent and evening searching the container in the barn for our posh clothes….. I could find my sheriffs badge no problem it was the rest of the gear that was buried away!




We found it, I went to London and we didn’t win….. but I had been part of the Best Sausage Team so one can’t have everything!

We had Pigfest 2014 on one of the wettest few days of the month. We so nearly cancelled but we held our nerve and despite me saying at 4 pm on the day … ‘this may be our last Pigfest’ … at 6pm the sun came out and that was that.
Great music, good Cider and Perry and of course great sausages!!!











All I need say is Pigfest will be occurring again next year ….. and a big THANK YOU to all who came and made it such a success.

So other than all that excitement it has been busy business as usual, with the hay being made and brought in, and the pigs fed and watered and the grass cut and the chickens cleaned out and the sheep shepherded.

Harry is proving to have hidden talents at pig herding

and that is just about it for now…. washing is in the machine, dishes done and lunches made for tomorrow.

Oh yes …. Life is good 🙂

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