Is this turning into a monthly blog?

Well this seems to be a monthly blog !! But that was never the plan and to be quite honest with the dark evenings approaching it probably won’t be as things do tend to be a little quieter in the Winter. Oh dear did I say that out loud!!! I may well live to regret saying that!


So we have had another party weekend at the farm…. and music and a fire … as one of our good friends celebrated her 50th with us and her ( and now our 🙂 ) friends. Debs turned 50 and our bestest customer Ashley came with her partner Rae and lovely daughter Edie to celebrate too. Ashley was missing from Pigfest this year but not next year surely! It was great to see her singing her heart out and enjoying herself ….. ok I did sneak off to bed early but I had fun …. and I did have sausages to sell on the Sunday.


So now we are looking towards the Winter and yes the turkeys are coming soon!! So I need to order some wood for the log burner in the caravan and we need to sort out the Christmas order form so that people can start ordering their Christmas fayre.

It really is non stop… we are hardly keeping up with bacon sales … we cured 4 loins last week and still sold out by Saturday afternoon. We were making sausages from when I got home on Friday night until bed time and still had to make more on Monday morning.


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