A lovely weekend at Willow Farm

What a lovely weekend 🙂

So what did that entail … I am sure you are asking … welll … quite a lot of work, a little play and snoozes!
Morning rounds on Saturday first and what a beautiful sunrise.


Harry and I did morning rounds, which are quite lovely and it is good that Harry now accompanies me, taking the place of Benson, as my trusty companion.



Morning rounds is a good time to inspect all the livestock and make sure that everyone is up and about.

All the pigs were eager for their breakfast except this arc!



Phew they are alright .. just thought the clocks had gone back already!

So with the pigs all up and about it is time to let the turkeys out 🙂

Sometimes they are a little too free range!
And a few flew over the fence in with the pigs … no video of me catching them I am afraid , I have to preserve some dignity!

Then it was on with opening the shop and we had Mutton on the counter today, as well as our usual fine fayre, so Kate got her knives sharpened and by mid day we were sold out of mutton!

This morning Harry and I were greeted by some escapees in the barn!


But order was quickly resumed, and they were returned to Mum.

And then I spent a little time curing bacon and gammon………… the first customer in yesterday had a whole bacon loin ( short back) ÂŁ38 pounds worth of bacon….. ‘Best ever’ he said and he’ ll be back next week so curing was essential.

Kate now has the fire lit in the caravan and roast pork in the oven and the only thing missing is a nice sweet sherry… but then we cant have everything!!

Talking of not being able to have every thing ………….. get your Christmas orders in soon as …… Turkeys are going fast!

Order them on line http://www.littleblackpig.co.uk/ or come by the shop and pick up an order form.

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