19,859 views on our blog !

So far we have had a whole load of views of our blog, so some people are interested in what we are doing, other than us!

We were only saying yesterday .. what an adventure we are having and how tough as it is at times … we have no regrets. Ok so we have learnt loads but in essence despite working harder than we thought possible … we are still doing it … living the dream.


The pigs are eating for England and growing well.



And the turkeys … keep growing!





Christmas orders are coming in thick and fast and these are the best turkeys yet… free ranging them makes such a difference.

Yesterday much against my better judgement, I went with Kate and Harri to a Welsh Sheep dog day, in the rain and the cold and I am not sure it got light at all.

sheep dog

sheep dg 2

Harri was tested against the criteria for being a Welsh Sheep dog and passed with flying colours 🙂

So that was our weekend …. Jinney Ring Craft Centre Christmas fair for me this weekend coming … so I am hoping for dry weather!

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