Frosty Morning Rounds.


Ok so yesterday it was all about waterproofs as I dripped around the farm, cleaning out water troughs and feeding the animals.

Today was freezing and was all about breaking ice and checking all the stock were ok and had enough bedding and giving them their food.
I am always up and about early at the weekends so it is one of the best things I like about our adventure …. Morning Rounds 🙂


The animals are always glad to greet you and even have a little chat !

Harri is getting used to being my pig/ sheep dog and accompanies me quite cheerfully, especially when I go and inspect the nearly year old lambs that we are growing to hogget.



He now listens to me and I can call him off the sheep when we are finished…. a big improvement.

The dirtiest job has to be cleaning out the pig in the barn…. she had had a difficult labour and we are now waiting on the ground firming up before we move her and her piglets to their outdoor pen…. they are ready.
The great thing about the pigs is how intelligent they are and how working as a team we get her pen sorted quicker. I lob the fresh bedding in and she makes the bed!

What now for the rest of the day …. well I cooked one of our lovely turkeys yesterday so we are going to have that for tea again today and keep warm in the caravan, with the fire lit and generally rest, relax and recharge… 🙂 Life is good, if a little cold!

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