Frosty Morning

jan17th 013

So this morning didn’t start too well….

jan17th 001

The tractor wouldn’t start …. too cold, a bit like me. So I used shanks pony to do the rounds.

jan17th 006

It takes a little longer but hey its the weekend 🙂

jan17th 002

jan17th 003

jan17th 005

jan17th 012

The pigs are all growing really well and sometimes it is good to get their size in perspective…………

jan17th 010

ie little piglets and then on the other hand / foot a bigger pig !

jan17th 011

It was great this afternoon spending some time with them, but it does seem that the electric fences are not working at their optimum….. in other words the piglets are a little too free range.

When I say come on guys back to Mum, I do mean their Mum, I haven’t gone so potty that I refer to me as their Mum….. just in case you thought I’d sone totally soft!

So tomorrow mornings first job is walking the fences to see just where there is a breach. Meanwhile the pigs all seem quite happy.

Tomorrow is also Harri’s 2nd birthday, so some extra cuddles in store.

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