Ali B’s Birthday Weekend….. the beginning

Ok so the last 2 years Kate and I have run away for my birthday, and despite Kate texting me yesterday afternoon suggesting that we run away together…. this year I am Birthdaying at home. However I am dragging it out for a whole long weekend cos Monday is not the best day of the week to celebrate … so I have started the celebrations today.

And what better way is there of celebrating than spending the morning on the farm feeding the pigs and checking the sheep.


First of all I had to start the tractor:-( but for a practical gal like me it was no problem.


Dolly Parton is looking good and pregnant….. Lambing Live 2015 starts April 2nd 🙂 She will prbably only have a single once more but it will be the prettiest.


This warmer weather and slightly longer day length means that the egg lay is increasing .. phew!


I know we have 250 chickens but this old Bluebell is my favourite…. what a beauty.

It has been a lovely day and the shop has been busy with old and new customers. We had a lovely lady of 92 visit us today, she’d been brought up on a farm and used to make sausages and white pudding…. we pumped her for the secret of white pudding as we haven’t got it right yet, so we are not making it…. unlike our black pudding which is just fantastic. She was absolutely delightful and bought enough meat to feed an army, so I guess we wont see her for a little while, which is a shame. It is great when we get the time to chat to people who are passionate about their food and appreciate proper meat.

So now I am relaxing in the warm and looking forward to my Birthday weekend … the continuation 🙂

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