Ali B ‘s Birthday weekend …. continued

So after the shop shut on Saturday evening we continued the celebrations…..and what better way than attending the pantomime at Ombersley Village Hall! It was so funny and we were still laughing about it yesterday… the children were fabulous and everyone did very well and what is more it felt good to be ensconced in village life… well done Mike.

Then yesterday with the Mothers we went to Chipping Camden to a Mediterranean restaurant for lunch and over ate… then pootled round Broadway looking in awe at some over priced honey … 2 x what we charge!!

Oh yes some pig feeding took place first thing.




Then last evening we sat around drinking tea and played Scrabble ….. 270 beat 260 … it was tense but I won 🙂 and then listened to some folk music and dreamt of being more musical ourselves. I didn’t get out my penny whistle … but maybe soon.

So this morning …. MY OFFICIAL BIRTHDAY … we were up at the crack of porridge loading pigs and lambs for their little road trip and Kate took them off whilst I fed the pigs.

Kate is now cooking me pancakes, black pudding and poached eggs and then we are playing out together.
Banking and a trip to get some galvanised wire mesh…. glamorous eh!

Feeling very blessed today…. I have some wonderful people in my life who all are quite nice to me… what more could a girl want ….. oh yes …. BREAKFAST 🙂

One thought on “Ali B ‘s Birthday weekend …. continued

  1. Jane

    Happy happy birthday lovely Ali. Sounds you got treated very well indeed. Just as a young farmer should be 🙂
    Tony will be v jealous of your breakfast.
    Love from Tony, Jane, Molly and Tom x x

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