All power to Little Black Pig


This picture was taken 3 years ago ….. about the same time we had electricity installed on the farm! It doesn’t feel like 3 years with power but wow hasn’t it changed our lives and no way do we take it for granted!
The pump for the bore hole works silently and we turn on the lights and we have illumination 🙂 We also have an oil filled electric radiator in the bedroom which means that we can bear to not sleep in all our clothes.
Actually quite a lot has changed in those three years. Fridges and freezers for our produce and a new electric oven for the caravan. There is no way that we could manage without it now.

This was pre Christmas orders delivery day 2013…. this last Christmas was even crazier!

Reflecting back on these milestones is good…. we have come a long way.


We have also grown a little older, not that you can tell that easily but it is when the neices and nephews come over to help that the difference it really noticeable.

smart overalls !
smart overalls !


Daniel came up at the weekend to help me with the evening rounds …. he can now carry 2 buckets filled with 20 scoops each of feed… ie very heavy and full. He was great, as ever.

So next on the agenda is a Bacon Celebration at the farm on Saturday, when all things bacon will be celebrated and Smoked and Unsmoked cuts of bacon will be filling the counter. We have also made up some Bacon DIY packs for people to try and make their own. So I am on caravan tidying tomorrow evening as the weekend is going to be busy!

middle bacon

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