Looking after pigs


There is nothing quite like seeing a curly tail on a pig to knowing that you have a happy pig.
And this morning we certainly had at least 70 happy pigs. To be honest I have lost count of how many pigs we have right now all I know is that yesterday and today I have fed them and looked after them and Kate knows the numbers and works out how much feed per pen and I just count them out and deliver.


So this morning I was about 15 minutes late starting the rounds and boy were those pigs ready! Pacing up and down and giving me grief.

but luckily soon fed and happy.

yes Lola is wearing some of her breakfast as I kind of miss threw!

Feed times is the time to check the animals, one of our sows was walking a little gingerly yesterday but today is trotting about fine, probably just got up wrong.

It has been a great weekend, what with Bacon day yesterday and lots of people coming to the farm shop to sample and buy various cuts of smoked and unsmoked bacon and today I have dragged some people around and shown off our pigs to them.

I really am proud of what we have built here and our animals.



The fact it has ended up as a beautiful sunny day has just been a bonus 🙂

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