Living without a Television

When I first met Kate, she didn’t have a television. Not because she didn’t like to watch telly, more because she didn’t like the way it hoovered up time. I am sorry to say that I persuaded her to have one in the home again when we lived in Matlock…. mainly down to needing one to watch the World Cup… however for the past 6 months we have been TV free.

Other than the fact that everyone assumes we watch Country File and learn everything we know from Adam, we don’t find it hard. Ok so I went over to visit Kate’s parents to watch the Royal Wedding and I am sure I wont manage to keep away from Strictly Come Dancing totally but really it has been easy.

It does mean we have more time, and this weekend we actually had a Sunday when we did Sunday things.

We potted up some cuttings, and planted some Spring bulbs ….. and what a potting shed !

Kate also went to the rescue of one of our sheep that had fallen over. It looks awful when you see a sheep over on its side…. they look seriously wrong….. and they just cant get up! A little help and they are ok but if they were allowed to stay like that their stomach would bloat up and they would suffocate.

A good job that we are around to look after our livestock!!

So this evening, after this quick blog, I may just have a little look at Strictly on line…. and then see what is on the radio.

A couple of other things I need to share with you before too long, if not tonight are……. Sausage, sausage meat and Gammon joint orders .. get in quick before Christmas… ie November ………. thanks Rachel for your website enquiry today.. Kate is onto it!
Also earwigs …………. that is a blog in itself……….. but we seem to have lots of earwigs !!

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